Our good mates Kyle and Jimmy came to us with a bunch of ideas for a really cool bed, after a lot of planning back and forth between us we finalised a design. The brief was to be eco friendly and have lots of space for book and shelves for plants. The bed is made up of four "bookshelves" which create a large platform for the mattress to sink into. The bed is made up of a mixture of delicious recycled timbers locally sourced. We had an absolute ball making this bed. Thanks Kyle and Jimmy for supporting out little dream of building furniture by the ocean. 


After such a ripper design from Kyle and Jimmy, we were bound to have another "Bookshelf Bed" order in no time! This time legend Eric wanted one for his new bachelor pad! Having a smaller room meant he didn't have space for much more than a bed. So we suggested this beauty - which features shelving in the bedhead and all around the base - eliminating the need for side tables or bookshelves. Handmade from a mixture of locally sourced recycled timbers.

There's nothing more satisfying than delivering a bed and seeing them jump right in it! Good on ya Eric and thanks for supporting our dream of building forever furniture by the sea!